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Abu Ambassadeur 6500 C3 CT Mag Reel

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Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Classic C3 CT Mag Reel

The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Classic C3 CT Mag reel is the multiplier reel to blow all others out of the water. With Premium and High Speed options available as well as the standard CT, there is an Ambassadeur Classic C3 CT Mag reel for all sea fishing scenarios. Unlike most reels, the three different setups have three distinct cosmetic styles – although it is still obvious they all belong to the Classic C3 CT Mag family.

The standard 6500 C3 CT is in a dark twilight grey and will look slick on any modern sea fishing rod. The 6500 C3 CT PREM is in a bold red and silver, which is ideal for all classic sea fishing rod setups. The final reel, the 6500 C3 CT MAG HI SPEED is in dark twilight and vivid orange. This striking combination will get you noticed on the British coastline for all the right reasons.

All three of the reels boast some of the finest technologies ever to have been developed in the multiplier reel industry. The first and most impressive of these is the Carbon Matrix drag. Abu Garcia’s Carbon Matrix drag system is the most refined drag system available on the market today. Carbon Matrix gives the most consistent drag possible by using multiple washers. The washers create an incrementally increasing drag that allows you to have full control over your angling. However, not only is the Carbon Matrix drag system the most reliable system on the market it is also the most durable. If you want a reel that will last a lifetime you need look no further.

Fitted with six pin centrifugal braking, for the ultimate adaptability, as well as two HPCR spool bearings and one corrosion resistant IAR bearing, this is a reel for sea fishing fanatics. The Classic C3 CT Mag more than lives up to the enviable heritage of Abu Garcia’s Ambassadeur reels.