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Ron Thompson Axellerator Beachcaster

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  • Latest model with Fuji BCMNAG guides
  • Length 13’ 6’’
  • Casting 4 to 8oz
  • 2 piece
  • Extremely powerful IM7 carbon blank
  • Copes well with big baits and big leads
  • Cult rod for big fish and tough conditions
  • Amazing power for value
  • Tough and dependable workhorse
  • Fuji Black Chrome Alconite BCMNAG guides
  • Japanese Shrink tube handle
  • Sliding ‘coastal’ style screw winch reel seat*
  • *(reel seat offers a degree of adjustment but cannot be slid down to the ‘low’ position)


Length 13′ 6” – Casting 4 – 8oz
The Ron Thompson aXellerator is a very powerful beach casting rod which has gained a cult following with anglers looking for a tough ‘rock rod’ on a budget. The rod has a fairly stiff action but the tip has just enough give to sit nicely in the tide and also register bites. The aXellerator does not fold up under load allowing you to bully fish through the kelp and over rocks with ease. Casting performance is good and with even the restricted casting arc often needed on rock marks the rod is capable of casting heavy sinkers with large baits a considerable distance.

If you are after a rod for tough fishing and do not want to splash out آ£400+ on a top end tournament rod then you could do a lot worse than joining the aXellerator ‘cult’!

The rod is well finished with Fuji BCMNAG Alconite guides, japanese shrink tube handle and a sliding ‘coastal’ style screw winch. *The reel seat allows a small degree of adjustment but due to the tapered design of the rod butt it can only be used for ‘reel up’ casting and will not slide the full length of the butt to allow ‘low reel’ casting.