Airflo Air-Lock Indicators

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The Airlock Strike Indicator has been overhauled! Instead of a clunky piece of plastic, they have been improved and made with a low-density foam making them 30% lighter and more manageable when casting.

Not only are they lighter, but the Airlocks are more sensitive and will react quicker to even the lightest of takes. The old trapped-air type often got cracked, punctured and took on water – this new foam type repels water and can suspend 25% more weight on the water – Ideal for river nymphing or fishing the indicator on small waters.

The attachment piece has also been re-designed, now a stealthier light grey that will spook less fish, but also makes it easier to see the leader slot when attaching the Airlock.

The new foam Airlock are fully biodegradable, so if you accidentally lose your Airlock, over time these will break down and help keep our rivers and lakes cleaner.

Size ½" – Pack of 3 – Mixed Colours


How to secure the Airlock Indicator

Unscrew the locking nut and lay the butt section of your leader in the slot. Replace the locking nut and tighten down

Note: For smaller diameter leaders, you can remove the rubber washer for a tighter fit. This will not result in a damaged leader

90 Degree Rig:

Remove the locking nut, thread your leader through the locking nut and slide up to the butt section. Place your leader butt section in the slot on top of the indicator and tighten the locking nut down on the post as shown in the additional images with leader sticking out one side, then out the top.