Aquasure Repair Kit twin pack 2 x 7gr

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The McNett Gore-Tex Repair Kit is the only authorised repair kit for Gore-Tex based outdoor gear – an essential item for emergency repairs to rainwear, clothing, backpacks and footwear including fishing waders, etc. The kit includes two special Gore-Tex pressure sensitive patches made from Gore-Tex fabric.

  • Suitable for repairs to most Gore-Tex products and / or other technical breathable clothing or footwear etc.
  • Provides a strong, flexible water-resistant in-field repair.
  • Can be ironed on to provide stronger adhesion and permanent repair.
  • Repaired item can be used immediately.
  • Residue-free patch removal.
  • Each patch contains a strong, pressure sensitive adhesive with an easy-to-remove backing tape to aid easy application.
  • Kit contains two pressure sensitive patches – one round 7.6 cm diameter for holes and smaller tears and one rectangular patch 5 x 10 cm for larger rips and tears.
  • Lightweight patch – weighs only 4 g – easily packs into a wallet or pocket for emergency use.