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Berkley Ltd Edition Pulse Realistic Giftbox

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This limited edition Berkley Pulse Realistic giftbox is a treasure for softbait lovers! This giftbox holds baits that are are perfect for pike, zander and perch fishing. ThePulse Realistic Roach has a great kicking motion that is irrisistable for active predators. The Pulse Realistic Perch contains a rolling swimming actionand the Pulse Realistic Goby has a subtle tail action. Most of the baits are pre-rigged with the right Berkley Fusion19 jigheads,so you are ready to fish.


2x Roach 7cm(1x prerigged with 7g Fusion 19 jighead)

2x Perch 7cm (1x prerigged with 7g Fusion19 jighead)

2x Goby 7cm (1x prerigged with 7g Fusion 19 jighead)

2x Roach 11cm (1x prerigged with 10g Fusion 19 jighead)

2x Perch 11cm (1x (prerigged with10g Fusion19 jighead)

1x Goby 12cm

1x Roach 15cm(prerigged (prerigged with 15g Fusion 19 jighead)

1x Perch15cm