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C&F Design Lanyard Plus

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The C&F Design Lanyard Plus is the ultimate lanyard that features 6 snap points to carry your most essential tools and keep them close by!

This lanyard is made from durable and high quality materials and is supplied with a fly protector, tippet holder and a stabilising clip. The fly protector features five rows of micro slit foam to store your flies.

The lanyard includes a retainer clip and the length can be adjusted if desired.

The C&F Lanyard Plus is absolutely perfect for shorter dry and nymphing sessions and is very easy to use!

6 snaps for you to hang items on
Comes with Fly Protector, Tippet Holder and a stabilising clip
Fly Protector features 5 rows of micro slit foam to store used and wet flies
Adjustable length
Retainer clip included
Ideal for shorter dry fly and nymphing sessions