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About Cadence CF20 Ian Gordon Micro Spey Rods

Although they can be described as similar to that of switch rods, Microspey are in fact small double handed rods. Where most switch rods are single handed rods that can be used in the double handed format, Microspey are the opposite – a proper double hander that can be used single handed.

What is the difference? The main key differences are the handle configuration and the full action at all given line weights.

All six Microspey rods have a full deep loading action. This not only helps with ease of casting but also playing fish. Those are wonderful for playing, and landing grilse, sea trout and Arctic char. In fact, they’re perfect for the job.

This range of rods puts the fun back into fishing for hooking and playing small or medium sized fish. They also perform great when fishing in loch and lakes for trout or from a boat.

They are firstly double handed rods that can be used for trout and grayling in tight areas where overhead casting is not easy. They can also be used for single handed fishing using long casting stokes to push flies through a strong wind. These are for the experienced double handed caster to have fun with when targeting smaller fish. Or single-handed fishers who want to try double handed fishing but not for salmon or larger fish.

Ian recalls “I was recently called by a friend of mine who happens to own several beats on the river Deveron, asking if I could help with something. His problem was he had lost the last four grilse he had hooked. I quickly established this was because the rod he was using was overly stiff for the job. Grilse have notoriously soft mouths, so without enough flex/give in the rod, particularly when the fish is near the end of the fight and on a short line. After leaving him with a 5/6 weight 11’ 3” Microspey the next 5 grilse, as well as a 12lb salmon were landed without further loss. Not only did he land all the fish, but the fun he had playing the fish was at a different level.”

The range covers fishing small overgrown streams with 3/4 weight and dry flies, to fishing an 8/9 weight with deep streamers on wider rivers and lakes. All the rods in the range have the same handle and guide spacing configuration and come in a Cordura tube and bag.