Cadence SM Trout Fly Lines

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Our supreme all-round floating line is constructed with our high buoyancy technology and ultra-slick coating. It has a revolutionary taper design giving it incredible loop stability at all distances. Its unique profile allows the rod to load at close range while the front taper delivers perfect presentation from small dry flies to larger streamers and heavy nymphs . This is the ultimate, all-round floating line for the fly angler who needs to perform all the casts needed for river or stillwater fishing.

All lines have the same light sage coloured head with a different coloured running line for each size for easy identification and rod matching.

Something that really bugs us here at Cadence is that fly lines are often not perfectly balanced for the rods we use. With this in mind, Stevie Munn set about designing a range of fly lines that would perfectly match the range of CF20 SM fly fishing rods, and so, the CF SM range of fly lines was born.

Each line comes with our advanced super slick coating, which helps to reduce friction and  increases line speed, for smooth casting performance , though careful to not to make our running lines too thin to help maximise the durability and fishability of the line. Our floating lines have been built with the latest buoyancy technology, they float high and maintain the perfect presentation, whatever the conditions.

All lines come with our unique Cadence Colour Coding System. Each line size has a different coloured running line. For fly anglers who carry more than one rod size or line on a trip, it’s an easy to identify which line matches which rod fast, giving you more time on the water.

Main Features

  • Designed to match our range of SM fly rods perfectly.
  • Super slick coating reduces friction to nothing, increases light speed, repels dirt and maximises durability for unmatched performance.
  • Latest buoyancy technology ensures our floating lines sit high on the water.
  • Construction promotes reduced drag and quieter pickups.
  • Cadence Colour Coding System, easy identification of line and rod matchup.
  • Strong, welded loop on both ends of the fly line for easy backing and leader attachment.

AFTM Grams Grains Head Length
#3 10.5


#7 20.5 312