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Cadence CF20 Stevie Munn Single Handed Fly Rods
Our new and exhilarating range of single hand fly rods created by Stevie Munn and the design team at Cadence Fishing UK & Ireland.

Choosing the right fly rod is all about its intended application and the angler’s preference. So, inside a rod series, there are different rod actions between the various models. As lifelong anglers, we have produced a range of rods that are light yet strong, with sweet actions for their intended fishing situations. We hope you love them, and your rod contributes to many hours of fishing pleasure.

The single-handed range all feature slim, lightweight four-piece blanks, built using our exclusive T-Mesh System and are fitted throughout with top quality fittings from ALPS and Seaguide. All rods come in a quality rod bag and protective rod tube.

This range of rods covers small streams to large rivers to windswept reservoirs, still waters and loughs. If your passion is precise dry fly fishing, tactical nymphing, wet fly fishing or streamer fishing you will find a rod that is perfectly suited for your needs.
Our high-quality blanks are constructed using the highest-grade material available and are built using our exclusive T Mesh System. This produces super lightweight, slim and strong blanks that are a joy to use.
Built with the Cadence T-Mesh System – Mixed Axle Weave Technology
All our blanks have been designed and developed utilising the best technology for this application.

T –Mesh is the product of a collaboration between our knowledge of casting, fishing and physics with our engineers understanding of materials and their properties. By blending different weaves and using multi layering technology, T-Mesh ensures maximum performance and strength when the rod is under load, twist and recoil.

In simple terms this is mixing the correct materials to ensure strength and flexibility is built into the correct part of our rod blanks.
What is T-Mesh?
T relates to Tanso, the Japanese word for carbon, relating to our use of quality Japanese carbon throughout the blank construction.

Mesh describes our unique layering system, devised by our engineers, ensuring the correct number of fibres follow the correct orientation required for maximum strength and performance.

This unique construction makes our blanks some of the lightest on the market and some of the strongest too. We believe this marriage of experience and technology has created the perfect blend to produce the very best fly-fishing rods.

Compare these rods to other higher priced brands with similar specifications and quality will confirm to you that Cadence rods display absolutely astounding value for money whilst delivering exceptional quality and top-class performance.

Top Quality Portuguese cork handles.
Quality Seaguide guides throughout.
Highest quality bar stock ALPS USA reel seats.
Sloped stripper guides.
Slick midnight grey blanks in a stealthy satin livery.
Subtle alignment dots.