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Caledonia Red Francis Bomb Tungsten Conehead Tube Fly

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Designed and popularized by Englishman Peter Deane this odd looking creation has had meteoric success in Iceland and has been doing extremely well in our river systems. It was named after his fly tying assistant Miss Frances Hoydon and has been a success story ever since. Red and Black Frances copper tubes are the most popular pattern colours, but we have had to bring them out in other colours due to the popularity with anglers, this can mean only one thing the fly is deadly.

Tied on a plastic tube fitted with a precision engineered metal conehead to add weight and ensure a neat head finish. Ideal for getting flies down a little deeper in spring and autumn or in faster runs.

A Francis fly is not just a fly, nor for that matter a fly for all waters all season long. learning how to fish the Francis offers another essential technique to have at our disposa