Century TT-R Total Tournament

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The Century TT-R design is complex but follows a simple formula when casting and hauling. The casting action is designed to progressively unload from the area that is most compressed by the caster and thus govern the ejection speed of the lead and bait. The hauling works in reverse with a progressive load moving into the butt. What really makes the TT-R different from any other rod is the design input and the way the carbon fibre patterns are cut and processed in the manufacturing process. The casting credentials of TT-R are more than proven and the hauling credentials in match winning success – equally proven. It is not easy to get a rod to this ultimate level and as owners will testify – the benefits and rewards are considerable. Designed primarily for hard fishing conditions and rough seas – the tip will not bounce and easily detect rattle bites once the lead is set in place and the connection path though the line and bait is tight. Effective sensitivity when you see bites and fish action and not passing weed and breaking waves. The TT-R’s potential distance capability, when there is no action close in to the shore is rewarding and gives distinct advantages: the TT-R will handle both close quarter and long range. Concentrated carbon fiber and composites technology, manufactured in UK with some of the most advanced techniques and a heritage of achievement by world class anglers and casters. Gearbox Design butt and Autoclave Technology Blank colour: 1K-1Kcarbon twill – upper butt: unground UD carbon tip Factory Finish: Fuji Titanium K Guides Tied in metallic silver and jet black Marine grade etched stainless steel trim bands – upper and lower butt Japanese shrink rubber (JSR) handle JSR rubber separator grip on lower tip and upper butt 3M Reflective tape between top two guides Century carbon reducer available as optional extra Pair of Coasters supplied to secure multiplier reel Century partition rod case