Cortland Precision Ghost Tip Intermediate Floating Fly Line

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The Precision Ghost Tip from Cortland gives the angler additional length between the mint green fly line body and his fly.

A clear, 5ft intermediate tip line that's ideal for fishing lake depths from the surface film to 5 feet or for nymphing in rivers and streams. Sinking tips are superb for getting your flies just under the surface, while Cortland's Durasilk formulation increases durability and ensures your lines lasting performance.

The Precision Ghost Tip is available in 5ft and 15ft tip options, and the tips sink at 2 to 2½ inches per second.

  • WATER: Freshwater / Saltwater
  • LINE: Intermediate / Floating
  • LENGTH: 90ft
  • CORE: Monofilament
  • 5ft Clear Intermediate Tip
  • High Floating Running Line
  • Easy Handling