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Vision Custom DH Fly Rod

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Custom DH rod series consist of wide range of models with specific actions and lengths. Vision wanted to have free hands for creating really cool actions for each model and not be restricted by a certain type of action for the whole series. The actions vary a lot from model to model and are designed for the task they are most likely going to be used for. Each rod has a name that describes the personality of the rod.

Custom DH Trout Spey Rods:
    Small DH rods designed for Trout, Seatrout and Grilse fishing.
  • 11ft3 #4 Baby Spey
  • 11f6 #5 Streamer Spey

Custom Switch Rods:
    Medium fast action switch rod.
  • 11ft #7 Switch

Custom DH All-round Rods:
    Medium fast action all-round DH rods for Salmon, Seatrout and Steelhead fishing.
  • 13ft #8 Hybrid
  • 14ft #9 General Practitioner
  • 15ft #10 Kojamo (Male atlantic Salmon)

Custom DH Skagit Rods:
    Custom DH Skagit rods have a softer action perfectly suited for the Hammer Skagit heads. Strong medium action ensures these rods can handle anything you want to but at the end of your line.
  • 13ft3 #8 Hammer
  • 13ft6 #10 Sledgehammer

Custom DH Magnum Rods:
    Big rods designed for big waters.
  • 16ft6 #11 Raiwo Spey (Rage Spey)