Daiwa 18 Saltist

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Taking all that is good from the already highly regarded Saltists and adding a level wind makes these models the 'complete reel' for all styles of UK boat fishing.

Now you can have all the power, durability and fish playing qualities of the Saltist with trouble free, perfect line lay. With the growth in use of braid as a main line this feature is all the more important. Layered evenly and conveniently ensures that you eliminate bedding, letting the braid travel freely off the spool.

The six model line up offers four high speed versions offering up to 6.4:1 bringing home up to 120cm of line per handle turn.

All bearings have been upgraded to our CRBB Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings and the drag has seen an improvement too with the application of Carbon fabric washers combined with Bakelite and Steel. With the direct contact experienced with braid this enhances the smoothness of the drags engagement.

  • Rugged, all metal construction with a rigid one-piece aluminium frame
  • Four CRBB ball bearings
  • Powerful high brass drive gear and phosphor bronze pinion gear
  • Up to 30% greater winding power
  • Machined aluminium spool
  • Combined steel and grease impregnated fibre disc drag with up to 22% more limit
  • Dual anti-reverse system
  • Dual position power handle
  • Aluminium rod clamp


STTLW20HA 6.1:1 18.5 320m-15lbs £220.00

STTLW30HA 6.1:1 19.4 270m-20lbs £225.00

STTLW40HA 6.4:1 23.1 365m-25lbs £230.00