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DAM Effzett Grub Soft Jelly

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The EFFZETT RTF (Ready to Fish) Soft Lures are equipped with an EFFZETT Jig Head that is perfectly matching to the soft lure in weight and hook size. The angler can take it out of the box as it is and start fishing without having to do anything. In the EFFZETT RTF Soft Lure range, we offer 5 shapes: FZ Shad, FZ Grub, FZ Greedy Shad, FZ Longhorn and the FZ Kick-S Minnow Weedless Paddle Tail, each model in 3 sizes and with 4 colors per size. All models and sizes are delivered in “1” standardized box size with inner trays. This one box size makes it easier to present the lures in an organized and thought way that makes it easy for the angler to overview the assortment. Ready to Fish! – Ready to Catch!