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DAM Nanoflex Pro Spin Rod

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The DAM® Nanoflex Pro is the third generation of the popular Nanoflex rod range that thousands of fisherman around the world rely on for so many years. With the YouTube movie “Amazing! Unbreakable fishing Rod”, which has been watched over 800.000 times, DAM proofed that the Nanoflex rods are really as strong as the reputation they earned is telling. The movie is showing an angler standing on a forklift and lifting a full crate of water with a Nanoflex rod, unbelievable! The Nanoflex Pro comes with the same durability as the previous generations, but offers with faster and more sensitive blanks, a still recognizable but more modern design and a huge weight reduction the best performance of all Nanoflex rods ever made.

  • Durable, slim and light weight TC24 carbon blanks
  • Lightweight quality guides
  • Full cork handle
  • High grade black EVA foregrip with rubbercork finish
  • Rubber cork but cap
    8' 10-30g
    8' 14-40g
    9' 14-40g
    9' 20-50g