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This might just be the best daddy pattern you will ever use! Tied to a very specific design with a detached foam body this is a great fly when used both wet and dry. It has an amazing ability to pull fish from nowhere! This fly is available in two colours and two sizes and for each variation it is worth considering the conditions in which you are fishing and choose accordingly.Please note: these are delicate flies and as such when unhooking a fish (one of many) please take care not to use forceps on the foam body as it is not designed to withstand that. Trout teeth yes - metal forceps no!These daddies are also great when fished wet on an intermediate line. We prefer to fish one brown and one orange on a two fly cast.A Great combination for both dry and wet fly fishing.Hook- Short Shank Size 8Overall length- Approx 30mmHackle- Brown CockBody- Orange Bug Foam-DetachedThorax- Hares EarInternational Comp legal- No