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Fario Fly Krystal Dancer

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This is one of the most popular lures there is thanks to it's versatility and consistent ability to catch fish. This particular Krystal Dancer pattern incorporates a fine UV flashabou tail.Best fished on either a floating or intermediate line this fly can be used with a variety of retrieves from super slow figure of eight to faster strips. We have had a lot of success with this fly particularly when fishing for stockies in small waters. This is a modern take on a classic lure.Hook- Heavy Wet Size 10Bead- 3.3mm Fluorescent Yellow with signature pupil eyes.Overall length- Approx 6 cmTail- Premium Bright white Marabou with fine UV Flash.Body- 15mm Flou Yellow Krystal HackleHackle- Dyed Flou Yellow Cock HackleInternational Comp legal- No