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Fario Fly Strike Indicators

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Pack of 4 easy to use adjustable bungs from Fario Fly. Available in a chocie of colours and sizes, each pack contains a threader with 4 bungs and black rubber stops, and a second threader with 6 white stops. Thread the white stop on your leader first, then the Bung and black stop and you're good to go. The contrasting split colouration ensures you'll see your bung in whatever conditions.

  • Perfectly formed aerodynamic shape- lightest available for its size.
  • Unique adjustable design which does not fall off your leader!
  • Extra stopper beads included for added security or when using finer diameters of leader material.
  • Reversible colour depending on light conditions.

    Recommended Uses
  • Small- lightweight or single buzzer
  • Medium- small bugs, mitt flies, worms, beaded blobs and small eggs etc
  • Large- larger heavy lures, weighted eggs, tungsten flies and multiple beaded flies.