Fladen Rig Floats 25mm

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Fladen Rig Float is a round 2.5cm ‘float’ which can be tied into the rig to pop it up off of the sea bed. Perfect for match anglers who are targetting species like garfish and scad which feed well off the sea bed. being so bouyant the Rig Float can also be used to pop up a big bait such as a whole squid for targetting bass and cod when they are feeding just off the bottom. The same tactics are also very effective for Halibut. In freshwater they are perfect for poping up large deadbaits when pike fishing. 3 floats per pack

  • 2.5cm round foam float
  • Perfect for pop up baits
  • An alternative way to fish for species that feed off the bottom like garfish and mackerel
  • Adjust the number used depending upon size of bait