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Fulling Mill Crostons Drop Back Bung

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The drop back bung completely revolutionises small stillwater indicator fishing, particularly on challenging days with light winds & pressured fish. At times an increase in hittable takes in the region of 40-60% over standard indicators, is possible. The drop back, cast's better, strikes easier and converts more takes than a standard indicator. Each Drop Back Bung is marked with black dots on both the Yellow and the Red (Orange) section of the bung. To properly load / cock the bung, so that it fishes as intended tie on the appropriate number of Croston Flies marked with either a Red or Yellow dot. So, to load the Medium Bung correctly, you need to rig up one fly with a Red dot OR two flies with Yellow Dots.

To learn more about how to rig, load, fish and get the most out of the Drop Back Bung - see our in depth YouTube tutorial with Howard, fishing the bung on a small stillwater. VIDEO LINK BELOW!

Pack contains - 2x Large Drop Back Bungs & 15 Silicone Line Stops (needed to secure the Bung onto your line.)