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Gear Keeper Locking Net Retractor

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The Gear Keeper Heavy Duty Locking Retractor is strong with a high retraction force and easily holds your landing net securely.

This retractor is designed to retract and holding a landing net without drooping. It allows you to grab a hold of your net and use it and let it go without the need to mess about with magnetic catches or risk losing your net.

The retractor can mount to the back of your vest, float tube or boat frame and has a long extension to provide a full arm reach. It also has a locking mechanism to allow the unit to be locked when on the move.

It includes an 80lb nylon coated stainless steel cable with a 42” extension and a 12oz retraction force.

The Gear Keeper Heavy Duty Locking Retractor is built with stainless steel spring and hardware and is also salt waterproof for maximum durability.