Mustad 3407-BR O'Shaughnessy

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he Mustad 3407 O’Shaughnessy Bronzed Hook is an all time favourite with saltwater anglers!

Whether you are targeting cod and bluefish to striped bass, this super strong forged bronze finished hook will give you the confidence to land the fish of a lifetime.

Featuring a longer shank than a standard hook, this makes it perfect for using longer natural baits. Also with the new MVL-V1 point technology combining a new sharpening technique and a new point design ensures 50% less penetration resistance when setting the hook.

The Mustad 3407 O’Shaughnessy Bronzed Hooks come in various sizes for you to choose from our drop down menu.

Ringed eye
MVL-V1 Point Technology
Bronze Finish
25 hooks per packet