Mustad Mega Bite Hooks

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The Mustad Mega Bite Soft Plastic Hooks are a perfect addition to the tackle box of any keen lure angler, perfect for a range of soft plastic lures and worm style baits with the offset shank, these hooks offer unrivalled presentation and minimal snags.

Built with an offset shank these hooks are incredibly effective when fished with both worm and creature style baits as they offer near perfect presentation. Each hook has an opti-angle needle point that allows for an almost perfect hook-up rate whenever fish bite down on your bait.

These hooks will remain the best in class even after multiple uses thanks to the chemically sharpened points leaving them razor sharp even after multiple uses.

Made from non-tempered metal for incredible strength and with an extra wide bend, these hooks are the perfect choice for all soft lure anglers.

The Mustad Mega Bite Soft Plastic Hooks are available in multiple sizes for you to choose from and come with a specific number of hooks per pack, all this information can be found in the size chart below.

Opti-Angle needle point
Chemically sharpened
Offset shank
Extra wide bend