Rapala Countdown ALB

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Consistently reach suspended fish at any depth with the CountDown method. The controlled depth technique was introduced to the world with this slow sinking (approximately 30 cm / sec.) lure, and to this day is the standard by which all others are measured. Whether the fish are suspending at certain depths near the weed tops or on bottom structure, the CountDown can get you to them over and over. The lure is weighted for long casts and balanced perfectly for a horizontal sinking position. The CD01 size is specifically designed for smaller and wary fish. To use the CountDown method, follow these simple steps: immediately after casting, take up any slack line and begin counting just as the CountDown strikes the water. A good uniform way to count is “one thousand one...one thousand two...one thousand three...” Keep counting until the lure has settled on the bottom or has found a resting place in the weeds. The line will go slack at this point. Remember the count at this moment. Then, by reducing the count by one or two numbers on subsequent retrieves and picking up the lure with your reel, the CountDown will stay just above the weeds or off the bottom. When fishing streams with the CountDown, cast quartering upstream to allow the lure to sink without tension on the line and start reeling when you’ve reached the desired depth.