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Rio Elite Tarpon Fly Line

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A PERFECT LINE FOR ANGLERS targetting tarpon and other large tropical species

  • Effortless casting, accurate line design that turns over typical tarpon flies with ease
  • Tough, slick coating to ensure high line speed and easy line shoot
  • Built on a strong, medium stiff core which will not wilt in the heat

    This line has a long back taper for smooth, controlled casts and is slightly heavier than the AFTMA standard to load rods for quick accurate casts. In addition a floating line with a 10 ft clear intermediate tip is available for coping with wind or to get the fly a little deeper. Both lines feature a Tropical Agent X coating made with RIO’s XS Technology combined with a medium stiff core that will not wilt in the heat, and includes welded loops on both ends for easy rigging