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Savage Gear SG8 8000 Fixed Spool Reel

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Tough saltwater fishing environments demand tough fishing tackle. So, how about a reel with a unique coating that easily withstood 500 hours of being sprayed with saltwater in testing? That’s Savage Gear new SGS8, complete with SW500 coating.

The Savage Gear SGS8 8000 is saltwater resistant in other ways too, including 8+1 steel ball bearings, sealed drag system, light-weight strong aluminium body and reinforced composite rotor. Being able to withstand saltwater onslaughts isn’t this reel’s only quality though.

It also features Friction Control System 3 drag system, which houses washers made in a three-layer design – a fibreglass with a carbon fibre layer on either side. This gives the washers unrivalled stiffness resulting in an ultra-smooth and powerful, fishing stopping drag – it also means they can be flipped over and used either side to extend their lifespan.

Savage Gear SGS8 8000 is a tough jigging/lure reel for boat or heavy shore fishing.