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Scott Mackenzie NX1 River Fly Rods

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The NX1 range of rods created by the Mackenzie design team are the successors to the highly successful and award-winning G2 range of Mackenzie rods.  These 4 piece rods incorporate the latest nanotube technology, which reduces rod weight and increases overall carbon strength, resulting in improved energy transfer and feel throughout the rod, giving them a real sense of soul. 

Two distinct categories are available in our the NX1 range, with stillwater and river anglers in mind.

The NX1 range are finished using an attractive non-flash coating, along with high grade stripper guides and snake eyes, all the rods are presented in a cloth bag and triangular sectioned tube.  

  • Ultra light weight satin green blanks
  • Quality Portugese  cork handles
  • Quality stripper guides and snake eyes
  • Alignment dots on each section
  • High quality aluminium reel seats
  • Keeper ring attached 


River 8'6" #3

With a medium to deep action the ideal companion for small streams.  This rod also comes into its own on larger rivers where a dense canopy of trees restricts casting.  Feeling light in the hand, perfect for diminutive flies and fine tippets where accurate casts are called for at close quarters.

- Rod weight - 68 grams
- 4 piece / 69 cm sections
- 74 cm tube                                                     

River 8'6" #4

Possessing a slightly crisper action this 4-weight comes into its own when dealing with larger trout in tight spots.  The forgiving upper section helps protect tippets as well as maintain a straight line path of the rod tip where short, precise casts are required, yet there is surprising reserve in the butt section to cope with stubborn fish, or longer casts.  Dry fly enthusiasts who prefer a light responsive blank need look no further.

- Rod weight - 68 grams
- 4 piece / 69 cm sections
- 74 cm tube                                                     

River 8'6" #5

Blustery weather affects casting when applying too much power and sees longer rods buckle, this punchy 5-weight is well suited to exposed waters where quick fire casts are the order of the day using dry flies.  That said enough backbone exists to for hurtling weighted nymphs into a niggling breeze.

- Rod weight - 68 grams
- 4 piece / 69 cm sections
- 74 cm tube

River 9' #4

Developed for those venturing on to running water, or even intimate stillwaters this plucky 4-weight is a good all-rounder.  It is delicate enough for presenting small flies on gossamer like tippets, yet packs enough punch to handle larger flies, or hefty fish.

- Rod weight - 74 grams
- 4 piece / 73 cm sections
- 79 cm tube                                                     

River 9' #5

The crisp blank helps achieve tight, stable loops in the most hostile conditions.  Whether you aim to cast a large streamer across a broad exposed river, or delicately present a small dry fly at distance, the NX1 5-weight constantly delivers.

- Rod weight - 74 grams
- 4 piece / 73 cm sections
- 79 cm tube                                                     

River 10' #3

10ft rods are becoming increasingly popular amongst river anglers these days, principally because of their reach.  This 3-weight model is designed for the many styles of short line nymphing, as well as delicate dry fly fishing at close quarters.  It also has value when working sparse wet flies through thin water where finesse is the order of the day.

- Rod weight - 79 grams
- 4 piece / 81 cm sections
- 85 cm tube

River 10' #4

Discerning anglers who use a range of methods on rivers need look no further than this elegant 4-weight.  Firm enough to present small dry flies attached to long leaders with pinpoint accuracy, yet has the ability to yield where larger fish are encountered.  Like all NX1 10 foot rods equally at home when executing roll casts or for overhead work and a model which is bound to become the cornerstone of our series.

- Rod weight - 79 grams
- 4 piece / 81 cm sections
- 85 cm tube                                                    

River 10' #5

The progressive action means this rod it as home whether roll casting, or overhead casting.  A great weapon for line mending and presentation (slack line) casts too.  Whilst designed with short range dry fly and nymphing methods in mind there is sufficient reserve in the lower section for longer casts when needed.

- Rod weight - 79 grams
- 4 piece / 81 cm sections
- 85 cm tube