Seadra Offset Penetrator Hook

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The Seadra Offset Penetrator Hook is a strong short shank hook which is designed for targeting hard fighting fish.

The combination of a wide gape, short shank and curved in slightly offset point gives the hook qualities of both a circle and J hook which encourages a high hook up rate. The point features cutting point technology which gives good penetration and also helps to ensure that once the hook is in that it stays in, even during a prolonged fight.

The straight eye of the Seadra Offset Penetrator Hook allows the use of heavy trace line and if you wish the hook can also be snelled rather than straight knotted to give a slightly different presentation and almost circle like self-hooking qualities.

  • Premium quality Japanese hook
  • Ultra strong short shank hook
  • Corrosion resistant black nickel finish
  • Heavy gauge wire
  • Short Shank
  • Forged Bend
  • Offset
  • Curved in point
  • Super sharp cutting point technology
  • Neat barb
  • Straight eye
  • Well suited to crab and fish strip baits
  • Sizes 1 to 8/0
  • 20 Hooks per pack
  • Made in Japan