Seadra Super Strong X3 CRANE Swivels – 100% Stainless Steel

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Seadra Super Strong X3 CRANE Swivels – 100% Stainless Steel Power Swivels like no other power swivel you have seen!

When it comes to exerting brute force on your end tackle, it’s vital for there to not be any weak link and swivels can be crucial in their design and ability. We are confident that the Seadra Super Strong X3 CRANE Swivels are literally the best on the market bar none.

The Seadra Super X3 Crane Swivels are a premium grade saltwater swivel and are manufactured from 100% stainless steel to give an immense strength to size ratio and also ensure full saltwater protection. X3 Crane swivels are 3 times stronger than traditional brass swivels allowing you to use a much smaller swivel without having to compromise on strength and reliability. The stainless eyes resist distortion and the stainless body is neatly formed to hold the eyes securely even under extreme load.

We have extensively tested each size of the Seadra Super Strong X3 CRANE Swivels to destruction and we were literally blown away by just how strong they actually are.

This extra strength allows you to comfortably fish with far smaller swivels than would be the case if using more traditional patterns. This gives the shore angler neater more streamlined rigs for improved casting and presentation. Boat anglers also benefit from more balanced rigs for better catches.

The full range of sizes cover all aspects of UK saltwater fishing but tests overseas have seen the Seadra Super Strong X3 CRANE Swivels perform at world level when it comes to tackling blue water leviathans.


  • Small but immensely strong crane swivels
  • 3X strong than traditional brass swivels
  • Made from 100% 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Trialled and tested to destruction
  • Fantastic strength to size ratio
  • Fully saltwater resistant
  • Incredibly reliable and resilient
  • Extreme durability allows constant reuse without worry
  • Stainless eyes resist distortion
  • Allows you to use smaller more compact swivels
  • Improved streamlining and neatness of your rigs
  • Designed for all aspects of UK Saltwater fishing
  • Capable of taming large blue water species overseas
  • Beat competitors brands hands down in testing
  • Polished stainless finish
  • 20 Swivels per pack