Seadra XS Cone Point Hook

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Seadra XS Cone Point Match

The Seadra XS Cone Point Match hook has been developed with the competition angler firmly in mind.

The wire gauge has been reduced to allow for a lighter finer pattern to present a variety of different baits. The point remains fiendishly sharp and the micro barb ensures that fish will be held securely, but can be swiftly removed with ease when fishing at pace.

The eye has been reduced in size meaning that finer snood lines can be tied with a discrete knot and ensures that bait presentation is not effected.

The physical weight of the Seadra XS Cone Point Match is reduced meaning that fish will envelope the bait without detection. The gape is sufficient to hold a bait relevant to the hook size and encourage a positive hook up.

Pleasure anglers seeking smaller shoaling species as well as flatfish will also benefit from the Seadra XS Cone Point Match refined qualities, but will still have sufficient strength to land those bigger bonus fish.

  • Premium quality Japanese hook
  • Long micro cone point
  • Corrosion resistant black nickel finish
  • Fine gauge wire
  • Medium shank
  • Forged bend
  • Straight J hook
  • Super sharp cutting point technology
  • Neat barb
  • Straight eye
  • Well suited to delicate worm, crab and fish strip baits
  • Sizes 4 – 3 – 2 – 1
  • 20 Hooks per pack
  • Made in Japan