Shimano Sahara C3000 FJ DH Spinning Reel

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The Sahara front drag reel range combines modern design with many of Shimano's best technical features. Perfect for many freshwater and in-shore saltwater methods, this is a classy mid-priced reel offering durable performance and versatility.
One look tells you the Sahara is a reel that means business. The classy look is more than matched by the impressive range of technology in a combination that belies the remarkably affordable price. Featuring the classic black and gold colours, the Sahara is whisper quiet, ultra smooth and it you prefer to play fish by back winding, there is an anti-reverse facility to complement the slick front drag. With a large range of model options available, the Sahara completely redefines reels in this price bracket and never fails to impress.
The first thing you’ll notice when using the Sahara is how smooth, quiet and deceptively powerful it is when rotating, especially when playing fish under pressure. This is due to a combination of HAGANE Gear, X-SHIP and Silent Drive. This technical trilogy is usually found on Shimano’s higher priced reels, and is an unexpected bonus for all Sahara owners. Use the reel on even the lightest lure rods and you’ll appreciate the balance of the G-Free body. Place the largest 5000 size on a heavy lure or feeder rod and you’ll appreciate the extra strength of the direct screw in handle and smooth casting performance of the AR-C spool with Varispeed II oscillation.
If you fish ultra finesse methods, check out the miniature 500 size, or the slightly bigger 1000 model. For light and medium lure, float and feeder fishing the mid-sized 2000, 2500 and 3000 are a delight to use. The 4000 is a great heavy lure and mid-range feeder reel and the 5000 is a powerhouse that inspires confidence. It’s your choice