Silverbrook 12ft Wet Fly casts 2 droppers

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Knotless tapered monofilament 12ft wet fly cast with two droppers for convenient fly fishing setup. A specially designed leader with a long heavy butt for excellent turnover power and a supple front taper for delicate presentation.

Code Size Butt mm Tip mm BS
SCW-3 5X 0.50mm 0.15 3lb
SCW-4 4X 0.53mm 0.18 4lb
SCW-5 3X 0.56mm 0.20 5lb
SCW-6 2X 0.60mm 0.23 6lb
SCW-8 1X 0.60mm 0.26 8lb
SCW-10 0X 0.64mm 0.28 10lb