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Sandeels are an incredible fish bait to use and are widely used by most Sea Anglers around our Coast for many species of fish including Ray and Bass We blast freeze our sandeels and really do make extraordinary efforts to ensure they are of the very highest quality. They are caught then delivered alive to our processing unit where they are swum in chilled filtered and aerated tanks. We then carefully net out small batches and stun them so they lay still but can still be packed while alive. Once vacuum packed they are straight into the blast freezer which freezes down to minus 37C all this ensures we produce the best quality blast frozen sandeels in the UK.

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Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

 Sandeels can be used in many ways. for the smaller species like Dabs, whiting and Doggies. Small chunks cut off work a treat and tipping your worms off  will pick out the larger Whiting. When you are Targetting the larger species like Rays and Bass Its best to use them on a pennel rig whole or snipped at each end…One really Awesome way which works for Thornies especially is to head and tail the Sandeel and wrap it with our un-Washed Squid.