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Vision Hero Switch Fly Rod

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The Hero range is a surprisingly fast-actioned series of DH fly rods, more than capable of meeting the many demands we can face in a typical salmon fishing season. They can deliver high-speed tight loops necessary to pierce through strong wind or reach across a lower section of a big river. And offer more than enough backbone to deal with big fish and lifting/controlling heavy sink tips.

Unusually for fast action fly rods, the Hero range is highly user-friendly, having an easy flex and feel nature, making close range and delicate fishing an absolute joy. The easy load and feel of the Hero will appeal to many different levels of abilities, including those learning how to cast a DH fly rod.

The unique action is highly consistent throughout the range, and all sizes have been extensively tested with the modern Spey, Scandi and Skagit heads for all-around performance. Recommended line weights have been carefully considered and are spot on- thus completely taking any guesswork out of the equation for the user.

In essence, these entry-priced, easy-casting, lightweight rods are perfectly suited to the beginner fly fisher; however, accomplished and even expert casters will struggle to outperform these fast-actioned fly rods.