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Tronix Pro Dry Bag 30L Double Strap

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– A range of waterproof dry bag/backpacks designed to keep everything inside it completely dry! Made from a hard-wearing EVA material with fully welded seams to ensure no water can enter the bag.
– Roll-top design, allowing you to wrap the bag over itself before securing it with a clip, providing the tightest of water seals. This roll-top design also allows you to create a buoyant bag with fewer items in it, ideal when wading.
– Can be used for carrying tackle, cameras and anything else you don’t want to get wet. They can also be used as a fish bag, allowing you to carry your fish home, easily on your back without any mess. Easy to clean and dry.
– The larger model has two D rings which you can attach to straps to make it into a rucksack. The two smaller models have one D ring to make it into a sling bag.