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New Combi Rack Vacuum and magnetic for steel vehicles

  • Rounded "T" bar and shock cords allow rods to be mounted at any angle, not just in line with the base
    • Attaches instantly
    • Holds up to 4 rods
    • Soft bases
    • Soft padding for rods
    • Pillar mounted support for reel clearance
    • Rods are secured by fabric covered straps for extra security
    • New purpose moulded 'T' rack
    • Patent granted on VOD principle - Vacuum On Demand
    • Bonnet to roof mounting avoids the major cause of snapped rods - lifting hatchbacks and tailgates "Driving between beats with several expensive rods on the roof is always accompanied by a niggling fear that rods and car are about to part company. Any doubts should be overcome by Vac Rac's latest rod carrier, whose limpet-like grip relies on the combination of a vacuum and a flexible six inch square magnetic pad to provide a contact that is virtually impossible to break." TROUT AND SALMON, March 2002