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Vision Nahka Michelin Wading Boot

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Maximum comfort with maximum grip. A well-fitting leather boot which offers great support both in wading and walking with a Michelin out-sole. The upper is a combination of water treated nubuck leather, microfiber and nylon mesh. The laces start far in front allowing you to tighten the boot perfectly according to your own foot shape. This together with the characteristics of leather make these one of the most comfortable wading boots on the market. Triple and double stitched seams, stitched & glued mid-sole and strong rubber bumper, which is part of the out-sole, makes this a super strong boot.

The Michelin sole which we have designed together with the world famous Michelin tyre manufacturer offers multiple benefits over many other rubber soles. The front bumper is built into the out-sole so there’s no possibility for them to be separated. The pattern of the sole is inspired by Michelin LTX A/S tyre with modifications targeted for wading. The lugs on the sides have aggressive sculptures giving you extra grip for slopes and muddy paths. The lugs in the middle have wave sipings for adherence and adaptability over uneven surface of the rocks. The front and heel sculptures are designed to take the wear and tear during longer walks and their pattern adds traction when needed. For extremely slippery & slimy conditions we made recessed positions for our Tungsten Carbide studs which can be added if needed.

The rubber compound itself is a mixture of an off road and Scandinavian winter tyre compounds. Just like the studless winter tyres on snow these soles give you very good grip on rocks. The more you put pressure on the sole the harder it grips the rock surface, as the soft compound with sipped lugs adapt over the uneven surface. In addition to a better grip the boot has a better feel while wading. The soft and well adaptive out-sole combined with flexible EVA mid-sole lets you feel what’s under your boot, but same time it gives enough support even in the hardest of conditions. Longer walks in mind it still rolls comfortably and offers good torsional stiffness.


  • Michelin rubber sole with built in rubber bumper for ultimate grip and wear resistance
  • Leather, microfiber & mesh upper
  • Double and triple stitched seams
  • Long lace system for perfect tightening
  • Strong rubber bumper for ultimate wear resistance
  • Recessed positions for Tungsten Carbide studs
V31147 VISION NAHKA MICHELIN BOOT # US 7 / UK 6 / EURO 40 £249.99
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