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Vision XLV Stillmaniac Cassette

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Due to its lightweight, balance and easy spool-changing capability, the Stillmaniac Cassette has become the go-to fly reel for U.K. Stillwater fly fishing. The reel balances perfectly on our range of STILLMANIAC FLY RODS and is ideal for storing our STILLMANIAC FLY LINES to cover the needs of the technical stillwater angler. The cassette has a long-lasting and reliable quick-change system; you only need to unscrew the locking ring for half a turn and quickly remove the cassette. We've also given the plastic spool a solid area so you can indicate with a marker pen which line you have loaded to keep organised and efficient on the water. The reel comes in a handy neoprene case with 3 cassettes, if you need more, they are available in moderately priced 2-packs.


  • Reliable quick-change system
  • Lightweight and ballanced
  • Marker pen area on spool
  • Built-in counterbalance
  • Smooth disc brake
  • SKF bearing grease